The distinguished Jury of internationally-renowned members – composers Kalevi Aho, Magnus Lindberg, Lotta Wennäkoski and Mats Larsson Gothe (Sweden) and conductor Ernest Martínez Izquierdo (Spain) – has selected the following five works for the final round. Kymi Sinfonietta will perform these works in the finals concerts that will be held in the cities of Kouvola and Kotka (Finland) in November 2024.

Yves Balmer, 45 (France/Switzerland): Stiacciato  → Read more


Jonathan Brigg, 39 (Britain): Reflektor  → Read more


Matei Gheorghiu, 39 (Romania/Finland): From the Village of Nowhere (piano concerto)  → Read more


Dawid Grenda, 21 (Poland): you dream in a language i can’t understand  → Read more


Roberto Sansuini, 57 (Italy): FLOW (flute concerto)  → Read more



There were so many entries that the Jury also compiled a list of recommended works that, though good, did not reach the finals.

Luca Antignani (Italy), 47: Caverne

Nóe Gillerot (Belgium), 23: Mélancolie de l’inexistence

Mauro Godoy Villalobos (Sweden), 56: Habitat for Guitar and Orchestra

Ronald Hannah (Canada), 77: Concerto for Flute and Small Orchestra

Ramon Humet (Spain), 55: Bird in Space

Stefan Lienenkämper (Germany), 60: The branches howl like injured animals

Manuel Martínez Burgos (Spain), 53: Étoiles sur fond blanc

Andrea Nosari (Italy), 51: Eco di parole non dette

Tomás-Jesús Ocaña-González (Spain), 24: Bestiario – Concerto for a clarinetist and small orchestra

Paolo Ricci (Italy), 74: Scenes for orchestra

Hugo Prigent (France),42: Symphonic Concerto

Robert Ruohola (Finland), 28: Klami Remixed

Artturi Rönkä (Finland), 33: Images and Interludes

Angela Elizabeth Slater (United Kingdom), 33: Skies aflame

Luis Javier Suria Lorenzo (Spain) 44: Dreams

Maccari Ugo (Italy), 62: ”KALPA”

Michał Ziółkowski (Poland), 32: Faces of Cherubim