Finalists & recommended works (2018-2019)


Christopher Culpo, 58, France: Mundus Imaginalis / Photo Anne Graaf

Pertti Jalava, 58, Finland: Concerto for Viola and Orchestra Photo Tommi Kolunen

Andrea Portera, 44, Italy: Klecksophonic Lieder

Tomi Räisänen, 42, Finland: Portal (Marimba Concerto) / Photo Tomoko Edition Troy

Roberto Sansuini, 52, Italy: Four Tales for Small Orchestra / Photo Cristiano Bonassera

Finalists CVs (pdf)



There were so many entries that the Jury also compiled a list of recommended works that, though good, did not reach the finals.

Pyotr Apollonov, 43, Russia: Chagall

Nikolai Brücher, 39, Germany: Pan Episodes

Greg Caffrey, 55, Ireland: A Terrible Beauty

Hugh Collins Rice, 56, United Kingdom: Two Pictures

Arnaud Fillion, 39, France: Concerto pour guitare et orchestre

Bruk Fridrich, 81, Finland: Sinfonia No. 21 ”Aavistus” (Presentiment)

Daniele Gasparini, 43, Italy: Once beyond a time

Jan Holý, 70, Czech Republic: The Harlequin’s Carnival

Maija Hynninen, 41, Finland: Incandescence - Concerto for Oboe

Camille van Lunen, 60, France/The Netherlands: Seascapes

Koldo Karmelo Pastor Arriazu, 71, Spain: Concierto para guitarra y orquesta

Riccardo Perugini, 22, Italy: Malerbe

Ilias Rachaniotis, 40, Greece: Five songs for Lorca


Finalists of the III International Uuno Klami Composition Competition (2013-2014)​