Finalists & recommended works


Christopher Culpo, 58, France: Mundus Imaginalis / Photo Anne Graaf

Pertti Jalava, 58, Finland: Concerto for Viola and Orchestra Photo Tommi Kolunen

Andrea Portera, 44, Italy: Klecksophonic Lieder

Tomi Räisänen, 42, Finland: Portal (Marimba Concerto) / Photo Tomoko Edition Troy

Roberto Sansuini, 52, Italy: Four Tales for Small Orchestra / Photo Cristiano Bonassera

Finalists CVs (pdf)



There were so many entries that the Jury also compiled a list of recommended works that, though good, did not reach the finals.

Pyotr Apollonov, 43, Russia: Chagall

Nikolai Brücher, 39, Germany: Pan Episodes

Greg Caffrey, 55, Ireland: A Terrible Beauty

Hugh Collins Rice, 56, United Kingdom: Two Pictures

Arnaud Fillion, 39, France: Concerto pour guitare et orchestre

Bruk Fridrich, 81, Finland: Sinfonia No. 21 ”Aavistus” (Presentiment)

Daniele Gasparini, 43, Italy: Once beyond a time

Jan Holý, 70, Czech Republic: The Harlequin’s Carnival

Maija Hynninen, 41, Finland: Incandescence - Concerto for Oboe

Camille van Lunen, 60, France/The Netherlands: Seascapes

Koldo Karmelo Pastor Arriazu, 71, Spain: Concierto para guitarra y orquesta

Riccardo Perugini, 22, Italy: Malerbe

Ilias Rachaniotis, 40, Greece: Five songs for Lorca


Finalists of the III International Uuno Klami Composition Competition (2013-2014)​


At the first assessment stage in early spring 2019 the Jury will choose at least three but not more than five of the anonymous entries for performance in the finals.The names of the finalists will then be announced and the finalists will be invited to attend the rehearsals for and premieres of their works. The Jury will not place the works in order of merit until after they have been performed at the rehearsals and the finals concerts in autumn 2019.